about the makers

Wonderable works with craftspeople from around the globe: Bangladesh, Bolivia, India, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam: countries where industrialised production is not yet widespread and traditional crafts techniques are handed down from generation to generation. Many of these techniques are unique to a small part of the world. The love of the makers for their work is a constant source of inspiration in the design of new Wonderables. You can feel the care that goes into each handmade Wonderable. 

fair trade

Wonderable sources from small-scale, independent producers in faraway lands that operate under the guidelines of fair trade ( see below ). That means that they work sustainably, meet the environmental and safety standards established by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and include social improvement in their goals. By providing jobs they secure a better income for craftspeople. Increased prosperity in turn means better health and more schooling for children. The entire community benefits and thrives.

fair trade standards


the 10 standards of fair trade as defined by World Fair Trade Organization

1    creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

2    transparency and accountability

3    trading practices with concern for social, economical and environmental well-being

4    payment of a fair price

5    no child labour, respect UN convention on the rights of the child, no forced labour

6    non discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association

7    a safe and healthy working environment

8    capacity building, a means to develop producers’ skills and access to markets

9    promotion of fair trade


10  minimize harm to environment

all producers

Allpa - Peru

Artisan Hut - Bangladesh

Craftlink - Vietnam

CRC - India

Crisil - Bolivia

Mai - Vietnam

Sang Arun - Thailand

Tara - India

Y-Development - Thailand

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